Axel - i Alabama som utbytesstudent 2013/2014

Throwback Thursday

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As of today, it is exactly one full year (yes, that 365 days) since I left the beautiful nation Sweden in order to experience what the big country across the Antlantic had to offer. Sure, I was nervous. Yet, I felt like I was ready. And as I'm typing this, I know it was totally worth it. I have experienced so much. The good and the bad. I learned to appreciate and embrace what I used to take for granted.
I learned how to socialize. How to conquer my fears when meeting new people. It's just great. Also, I might have caught on some of the English language while doing it all.
At some point during the fall, I would like to share some pictures here on my blog, of what I'm doing and so that y'all can see what my surroundings look like. So stay tuned. It's a promise.
But guess what time it is now? It's time for pie. 

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Jättesnäll och ganska snygg 20-åring. Just nu i gymnasieskolans slutfas och till hösten har jag ambitionen att börja studera vid KTH i vår huvudstad. Läsåret 2013/2014 befann jag mig i Alabama, USA för ett år som utbytesstudent. Organisationen som jag åkte med var AFS (rekommenderas). Kvar finns bloggen, späckad med bilder och tankar. Allt från grundläggande förberedelser till hemresan. Håll till godo!

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